Digital Art

Moody pieces that perhaps unearth primal, knotted up feelings inside, or get you to create a narrative; those are works I want to create. These pieces have an ominous, haunting music or sound to them if you look at them long enough.

Art has saved my life many times before — so if my art makes someone’s day better, if it moves them, if it makes them laugh or smile, I feel as though I’m paying back the favor for all the times it helped me.

The DCST Cast!: This is fanart of my favorite show, Dr. Stone! During this quarantine, the show has helped me connect with other fans and create/share content with them.

Audre Lorde: Lorde is an inspiration for me and many young LGBTQ+ folks, particularly among Black LGBTQ+ youth. This was drawn for Bergen’s PRIDE club!

Fausta: Fausta is the main character of a famous Peruvian movie, The Milk of Sorrow. As a young girl I could relate a lot to her, so I drew her in one of my favorite scenes!

Marsha: Marsha P. Johnson is also an inspiration of mine. Credited for being an instigator in the Stonewall riots, I just had to draw her for Bergen’s PRIDE club too!

Dragon: A character from the manga, Banana Fish. He’s one of the main antagonists, but as you get to know him, you learn that there’s more than what meets the eye.

Jeffrey Veregge had an exhibition in the National Musem of the American and Indian, and I was inspired by his work in two of my posters.