Graphic Design

Astrid Navarro, Poster

Esther Baek, Modicon, Typography and Poster Design

Abeer Alnazzal, ID Kit

Joseph Annunziata, ID Kit

Thomas Arrigoni, Branding

Thomas Arrigoni, Mood Board Branding

Thomas Arrigoni, Book Jacket

Thomas Arrigoni, ID Kit

Thomas Arrigoni, Poster

Matthew Schorling, Book Cover

Mariela Benitas, ID Kit

Isabella Calvo, ID Kit

Shakem Dixon, Book Jacket

Shakem Dixon, Branding

Shakem Dixon, ID Kit

Enmanuel Garcia, Book Jacket

Abdelatif Akhsay, 3d logo hitech

Abdelatif Akhsay, Poster

Francesko Shehu, Calendar

Francesko Shehu, Book Jacket

Jericho Isip, ID Kit

Alexander Digregorio, Poster

Sandra Kim, Branding

Sandra Kim, Calendar

Sandra Kim, ID Kit

Sandra Kim, Poster

James Eubanks, Book Cover

Katiusca Suriel, Book Jacket

Katiusca Suriel, Branding

Katiusca Suriel, Calendar
Katiusca Suriel, Calendar With Aug Reality Video

Katiusca Suriel, ID Kit

Katiusca Suriel, Poster

Franniel Veras, Poster

Thomas Arrigoni, Info Graphic

Joann Lee, Mood

Joann Lee, Word and Image

Byron Locke, ID Kit

Gianna Giamanco, Word and Image

Michael Fitzpatrick, Word and Image

Andres Ardila Moreno, Infographic

Natalia Alves Luna Silva, Brand Identity Guidelines

Natalia Alves Luna Silva

Astrid Navarro, ID Kit

Ashna Parekh, Book Jacket

Ashna Parekh, Branding

Ashna Parekh, Calendar

Ashna Parekh, Poster

Sumayia Rahman, Book Jacket

Sumayia Rahman, ID Kit

Sumayia Rahman, Poster

Ryan Morales, Book Cover

Kendra Matthew, ID Kit

Joshlyn Afocx, Helvetica Tribute, 2-page spread

Chris Costanza, ARENA Poster and Typeface


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